Must have SEO tools in 2017

2017 is going to be great year for SEO there are very little black hat techniques that are now working and link value now is not just based on the where its coming from but how its referenced. SEO Analytics and SERP rank tracking will be the key to SEO success and we have listed the best tools for the job.
ahrefs Logo
Ahrefs :- This is our all in one favorite all in one offpage SEO tool that is not really understood by a lot of people. Spend enough time on ahref and your perspective of SEO might just change. Ahref has some really nice tools like content explorer and keyword planner 2.0 that make your seo analytics very easy. The dashboard allows us to track websites and ahref updates with you back link indexes very fast.
Competing in the same space is
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moz - the oldest and probably most popular seo tools I used to use moz bar back in the day when page authority still exists but I now find it takes a very long time to index new links. Moz has evolved alot to become a full fledged seo tools that is designed to streamline your work flow. Personally I am a big fan of rand Franklin and all that moz has done for the community.
Semrush Logo : a full set of SEO tools that is a little slow to access from India(Where I am). I don't use this tools but I spent 10 minutes on a free account and found that link moz the indexation of back links is not correct. You can see from the results below that
Mindmyhost test image - A very advance SEO tools that does a great job at representing links in the forms of link wheels and their effect. I found it a little slow to use and a little expensive but the company claims to be using a lot of processing power to get that data.
serplabs logo While ahref does a great job at tracking serp in there dashboard I use this tools as second view because it allows me to see what SERP value I started from the day my clients hired me. It also manages to find you in SERP ranks up to 400 while the other tools will only show a rank if you are inside the top 100. Also serp labs is a very cost economical tools and works only to track serp.
synup Logo
New tools - I have recently discovered this tool and it seems like something that is totally focused at local SEO unfortunately it is only limited to USA and Canada which makes this.


While pingdom was my favorite for years I recently discovered that Google takes global site speed into consideration when ranking you for SEO which makes pingdom statistics obsolete in 2017 My favorite tools for webpage speed checks now is the webpage speed checker at dotcom-monitor This tools will show your actual load time in the country you are working in as well as the global average loading time. These loading time statistics can be seen to really see the benefits of cloud architecture effecting SEO. To elaborate on the important of this tools I have used pickahome a Indian real estate website managed on AWS by mindmyhost vs coca cola India which needs no recognition.
pickahome compared with cococola India image

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