Page Speed

Page speed is a social matrix provided by Google developers tools it has nothing to do with the actual speed of the page loading but looks at the web server architecture  of how your site is set up for delivery. Google Page speed matrix are provided separately for mobile and desktop and give a clear picture of how Google perceives  your site in terms of technology mix. The matrix is calculated on a scale of 1 to 100 and good score is that above 90. Technology and optimization plays a big roll in SEO rankings a trend that is rapidly growing since late 2015.     By getting your page speed up to the mark you will eliminate a lot of server factors that might be spoiling your User experience(UX) which is also getting more involved in driving SEO results. Page speed also has direct influence on global and local page loading time which is a key ranking factor.  The matrix blow shows how a keywords serp is effected by a combination of Technology factors. For good effective SEO it is important to understand The difference and importance of Page speed and Page Loading time     it is also important to tackle both page speed and page loading time together and optimize to a high level. A core of 90+ can be achieved with a little effort by working on the common factors effecting page speed matrix   Common factors that effect page speed are:
  1. DNS issues
  2. Image optimization
  3. Availability if a CDN (Content Delivery network)
  4. Compression disabled
  5. Two many scripts
To Run a test on your site simply search for google page speed in google Save Save Save

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